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Joel 2:21 Foundation

“For the Cause of Revival, Evangelism, Missions, and Church Planting…”

Joel 2:21 – “Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things.”

On August 9, 2010 my wife and I packed up our things and headed to the hospital to have our fourth child, Joel Richard Foster. Our baby was five days overdue, and Bonnie was scheduled for a routine induction.  My wife and I were excited and looking forward to having the baby and Bonnie had even felt the baby the night before. As the baby moved in her womb, she thought about how, at that same time the next day, the baby boy which she now carried in her womb, she would be holding in her arms. Upon our arrival at the hospital, they began the normal preparation for delivery which included hooking up the monitor to find the baby’s heartbeat. After trying for several minutes to find the heartbeat, the doctor came in and did an ultrasound, only to find that the baby had passed on into eternity sometime in the night.

Naturally our hearts were saddened and we were shocked beyond words. The tears flowed and we wept. But, even through her tears my wife was able to say, “I trust in God.” After delivering the child we did decide that we wanted Joel’s life to be remembered and used to further God’s cause in some way. The name Joel in the Bible means “Jehovah is God.” As one reads through the book of Joel, he will find that it is not a very friendly, or encouraging book. God’s people had strayed away from Him and judgment was sent. When the children of Israel finally did return to the Lord, there was great rejoicing and the land was returned to normal. In other words, when God’s people were revived, they also experienced real joy and rejoicing.

The application is simple: when Christians return to normal, which is living in the state of revival, then we will rejoice and the Lord will do great things. Our God will bless us with fruit and we will see the salvation of souls. Considering the meaning of the Book of Joel, we would like to use the Joel 2:21 Memorial Fund to encourage God’s people to seek His face for revival. Contributions will go toward promoting, encouraging, writing, and preaching about revival, evangelism, missions, and church planting.

The fund has been set up through Troy (Ohio) Baptist Temple. Dispersion of all funds will be determined by the fund directors, and all contributions will be tax deductible. May God use the life of our stillborn baby to further His cause around the world for His honor and glory. May we truly see God do great things through our son’s life.

Mike Foster

Contributors should make checks payable to Troy Baptist Temple, and send them to:

Joel 2:21 Memorial Fund
Troy Baptist Temple
691 E. Staunton Rd.
Troy, Ohio 45373

691 E Staunton Rd • Troy, Ohio 45373

pastorthomasson@gmail.com • 937.339.3207