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Mission Statement

Our mission as a church is to “Love Christ and Love People.” It is our desire to accomplish two main goals found in Matthew 12:28-34. Christ stated that the greatest commandment is to “love God” with our total being, first and foremost and, secondly, “to love your neighbor” as we already love ourselves.  Therefore, Jesus’ challenge was to personally and passionately pursue a love for God and to love people. With this commandment in mind, we seek to “Love Christ and Love People.”

Our first goal is to “Love Christ” in our worship, our ministry and in our outreach. We realize that in order to “love Christ” we must exalt Christ. The word “exalt” means “to lift up or magnify,” we seek to lift up and magnify the name and person of Jesus Christ. That is why we desire to worship Jesus Christ with traditional, Christ-honoring songs and hymns, and why we place strong emphasis on Bible-based teaching and preaching. In our Sunday School, in our youth meetings, in our outreach, and in our individual lives—in every way–we endeavor to “Love Christ” as the One worthy of honor and glory.

Our second goal, as a church is to “love people.” As a shepherd cares for his flock, so our pastor cares for the members of the church family by providing caring and loving pastoral leadership. Our pastor’s goal is to faithfully feed and nurture the flock of God through expository preaching and thorough Biblical teaching, which promotes an environment that encourages believers to maturity and to participate in the ministry. A loving and caring church family is a vital part of Troy Baptist Temple. We realize that families are more than just companions for fellowship, families need to work together to mold lives and shape character. Loving people, however, goes beyond the boundaries of our church property. The ultimate expression of our love for others is to introduce as many people as possible to Jesus Christ and to help them develop a loving relationship with God and their fellow man. Through our outreach program, we seek to make Jesus Christ known to our neighbors, our nation and our world. Our outreach program provides the wonderful message that God desires every person to know forgiveness of sin and eternal life through Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We seek to show the world that God wants to save men, not to condemn them. Our goal is to use the most effective Biblical means to impact our world and to make a positive difference in our generation. Troy Baptist Temple strives to “Love Christ and Love People.” We endeavor to be a friendly church consisting of Bible believing Christians from all walks of life. Our beliefs are Biblical, our emphasis is evangelistic, and we stand on the doctrines and beliefs of historic Baptist Christianity.

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